Indulgent and uniquely relaxing, our signature full-body massage circulation and soothes tight muscules. Our therapists adapt their eclectic techniques to your particular needs and preferences. Tension dissolves, leaving only confort and well-being behinds.


Our body therapies stimulate circulation, relieve muscle tension and promote deep relaxation – and when the body relaxes, it heals. Close your eyes and indulge in our signature body treatments and Ayurvedic inspired body therapies.


30 Minute Massage


$ 50

60 Minute Massage


$ 85

90 Minute Massage


$ 110

120 Minute Massage


$ 160


Ayurvedic Hot Stone

This is a unique “experience” that

heightens the senses, helps you

feel more comfortable living in

your body and renews the

sweetness of life. Using warm,

aromatic, organic oils, sea stones

and crystals, this is a form of deep

tissue ayurvedic massage. Stones

can never replace the hand, so we

combine the use of firm hands to

massage out tight knots and

velvety textured stones to gently

grip the muscle sheaths, giving

way for deep tissue release.

The central nervous system

becomes sedated when the stones

are laid upon the spinal column,

melting toxins, increasing

circulation, lymph flow, radiance

and vitality.

$ 140

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage

Warm herbal oil is massaged onto

the scalp and neck to relieve

tension and stress. Herbal extracts

also stimulate hair growth. This

revitalizing treatment increases

circulation and leaves you feeling


$ 50

Padabhyanga Foot & Leg

Padabhyanga - meaning Indian

foot massage - Our Signature

treatment begins with an organic

ayurvedic herbal infusion that is

warmed and applied using classic

Swedish Massage techniques,

encouraging the body to release

toxins while reducing pain and

inflammation. Followed by a warm

herbalized oil massage, hot towel

compress. This traditional

Ayurvedic treatment for the

feet awakens the vital energy

areas in your soles, feet, calves

and shins. It is a rejuvenating

experience that releases deeply

felt tension and leaves you feeling

relaxed and balanced.

$ 60

Warm Herbal Body Renew

This experience begins with an

invigorating warm oil scalp

massage. Then, an organic

ayurvedic herbal infusion is

warmed and applied using classic

Swedish Massage techniques,

encouraging the body to

release toxins while reducing

pain and inflammation. The

exfoliation benefits invigorate

and smooth the skin. After a

warm shower, a herbalized

oil is applied using swedish

massage to complete the treatment.

$ 125

Skin Polishing & Warm Oil

Garshana-abhyanga This

stimulating and rejuvenating

treatment involves a dry

lymphatic skin brushing

technique and sequence

done with textured raw,

silk gloves. The brushing

(garshana) increases circulation,

alkalizes the blood, detoxifies

the liver, helps create negative

ions (which are the good ones!)

and cleans the skin. Abyhanga is a

Sanskrit word meaning

“to rub the limbs”, usually with

warm herbal oil. Warm, herbal-oil

massage nourishes the skin, aids

in removing impurities, stimulates

both arterial and lymphatic

circulation,and calms the central

nervous system, promoting

a blissful sensation.

$ 125

Bronzing Body-Facial Treatment

Experience begins with an

energizing dead sea salt and

coconut oil exfoliation folowed

by an application of YonKa

Bronzing lotion. A true protective

treatment with hydrating,

smoothing and nourishing

properties. All throughout the

year, the Self-Bronzer for the

Face & Body gives you a natural,

perfect and flattering glow a

natural-looking, radiant and

even flattering glow without

exposure to the sun. Light scent,

perfect for men and women.

$ 85


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