These facial treatments exclusively for men have been prepared with Yon-Ka for Men products. Performed on a regular basis, they re-balance the skin, helping to maintain a younger appearance.


Power Moist


The first sign of aging, an d a

lackluster appearance are often

caused by a lack of hydration.

Your skin is tight and pulls, it

needs deep rehydration and

your creamis not enough.

$ 90

Skin Fitness



This is a deep cleansing treatment

that purifies, balances and clears

your complexion. Blackheads and

dead cellsare gently removed with

the professionalpeeling process

that respects the most delicate of

skins. This "clean skin" phase is

followed by a long relaxing

aromatic massage.A real

revelation of your skin's light to

repeat depending upon you requirements.

$ 90



Anti-wrinkles, firming, energizing,

this advance treatment, highly

concentrated in natural agent

acting as a mini-lift.

$ 90

Silkpeel® DermalinfusionTM

Say goodbye to enlarge pores,

ingrown hairs, and that ruddy

complexion. Silk Peel is a great

treatment that is gaining

popularity among men. A Slik Peel

is a great way for men to clean up

their skin, help with breakouts,

and make shaving a little easier.

A Silk Peel is a form of exfoliation

that removes dead skin, vacuums,

and cleans the pores, and infuses

the skin with a solution that can

target and treat any condition

from acne, to hyperpigmentation

and age spots. There is absolutely

no downtime with the Silk Peel

and patients can resume regular

activity after the treatment. The

Silk Peel only takes 30 minutes

and can easily be done on your

lunch hour. Men like their

skincare to be nice and simple;

and the Silk Peel delivers just that.

$ 155

Express Manicure and Pedicure

Designed for the man that

routinely gets manicures and

pedicures, is short on time,

this Express Service includes nail

trimming and shaping, light cuticle

grooming, and moisturizing hot

towel wrap, and massage.

$ 60

The Maintenance Manicure

Includes nail trimming and

shaping, cuticle oil and

grooming, moisturizing, hot

towel wrap and hand/arm

massage. Nails are finished

with clear finish or buffing,

the choice is yours.

$ 25

The Repair Pedicure

Includes nail trimming and

shaping, cuticle oil and

grooming, moisturizing

scrub masque ,hot towel

wrap, foot/leg massage,

therapeutic massage oil,

and treatment for callus removal.

$ 50


30 Minute Massage


$ 50

60 Minute Massage


$ 85

90 Minute Massage


$ 110

120 Minute Massage


$ 160


Ayurvedic Hot Stone

This is a unique “experience” that

heightens the senses, helps you

feel more comfortable living

in your body and renews the

sweetness of life. Using warm,

aromatic, organic oils, sea stones

and crystals, this is a form of

deep tissue ayurvedic massage.

Stones can never replace the

hand, so we combine the use of

firm hands to massage out tight

knots and velvety textured

stones to gently grip the muscle

sheaths, giving way for deep tissue

release. The central nervous

system becomes sedated when

the stones are laid upon the spinal

column, melting toxins, increasing

circulation, lymph flow, radiance and vitality.

$ 140

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage

Warm herbal oil is massaged onto

the scalp and neck to relieve

tension and stress. Herbal extracts

also stimulate hair growth. This

revitalizing treatment increases

circulation and leaves you

feeling invigorated.

$ 50

Padabhyanga Foot & Leg

Padabhyanga - meaning Indian

foot massage - Our Signature

treatment begins with an organic

ayurvedic herbal infusion that is

warmed and applied using classic

Swedish Massage techniques,

encouraging the body to release

toxins while reducing pain and

inflammation. Followed by a warm

herbalized oil massage, hot towel

compress. This traditional

Ayurvedic treatment for the feet

awakens the vital energy areas in

your soles, feet, calves and shins.

It is a rejuvenating experience that

releases deeply felt tension and

leaves you feeling relaxed and balanced.

$ 60

Warm Herbal Body Renew

This experience begins with an

invigorating warm oil scalp

massage. Then, an organic

ayurvedic herbal infusion is

warmed and applied using

classic Swedish Massage

techniques, encouraging the

body to release toxins while

reducing pain and inflammation.

The exfoliation benefits

invigorate and smooth the skin.

After a warm shower, a herbalized

oil is applied using swedish

massage to complete the treatment.

$ 125


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